a little blog

A few weeks ago, Thomas, who’s four, and Muffa, who’s three, were sitting on the couch.  Thomas was reading a book to himself, and Muffa was staring off into space.  I knew that he wasn’t really feeling well.  With hardly a thought, I started to do a little jig for him.  I’m not quite sure why — it just seemed like a good idea.  Usually, I leave the silly fun stuff up to dad.  I’m the hugs and kisses one, but I went out on a limb hoping to bring some joy into his sad, little life.

Unfortunately, my limb broke rather quickly.  I got nothing from Muf.  And Thomas, Thomas looked at me without any animation and said, “That’s a nice little talent you’ve got there.”  To this day, I don’t know whether he was paying me a compliment or simply displaying his mastery of sarcastic humor.

Anyway, today, I’m going out on another limb.  Maybe this one will be a little stronger, maybe not.  I’m going to start a nice little blog.  I can’t imagine I’ll say anything that hasn’t been said before, and I’m sure it will be more for me than for anyone else, but maybe, just maybe, it might help a fellow traveler find a little joy along this ordinary road we call life.

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