hippie easter


I’ve been told that people often wonder how hippies celebrate Easter.  Actually, I’ve never been told that, and I seriously doubt that anyone does truly wonder how hippies celebrate Easter, but I thought I would tell you anyway.

We try hard to balance the sacred with the secular when it comes to holidays.  One of the things that really helped us this year was the He Is Risen video that is part of the Bible Video series.  It’s really nice, and I highly recommend it no matter what time of year it is.

Don’t hate us, but we don’t do Easter baskets.  Somehow I just can’t seem to bring myself to tell my kids that a bunny hops around all over the world bringing kids candy.  (Yes, I do Santa Claus, and yes, I know that’s a big fat lie also, but it’s a lie I like.  I completely acknowledge that I am a hypocrite in this regard.)  Anyway, while we don’t do baskets, we do have an annual Easter egg hunt.  We hid many, many eggs filled with (here’s where the hippy part comes in) peanuts, raisins, fair trade chocolate chips, and Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks.





After the hunt was over, we came inside and put all the eggs on the floor.  We sat around and ate until all the treats were gone.  No one complained that the treats were gross.  Their mouths were too full.


Several of the eggs had numbers on them.  When we came to an egg with a number, we looked at a picture and talked about how the pictured related to the Easter Story.

All and all, it was a lovely day spent remembering the sacrifice of God’s Only Begotten Son.


3 thoughts on “hippie easter

  1. perfection. love the pictures. love you. love your kiddos. and i can’t believe Jeff is coming over to participate in bunny snuffing this weekend. heaven help me. and… i just love your backyard. *sigh* one day. one day.
    i can’t bring myself to do easter baskets either. i just can’t. i just don’t want to. glad we are on the same page (really, i am just glad to be like you in general- it gives me hope) and i was shocked at how much my kids enjoyed the boiled eggs i hid for them. yay for healthier choices 🙂

    • oh fantastic on jeff. it’s odd just because we are so far removed from our sources of food. i’m hoping that someday it will just be the way it is around here. and thanks for your sweet comments. I was just thinking how yucky our yard looks. oh well. that’s why we have tomorrow — work.

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