the bad, the ugly and the good

I realize the exact phrase is the good, the bad, and the ugly, but I hate leaving things off on a negative note.  Thank you for your indulgence. 

I had this brilliant idea that each Friday I would have a homeschool week in review.  I would have beautiful pictures to share and wonderful anecdotes about how clever my children are.  Sounds great right?  Well, life has a way of making sure you don’t get too full of yourself.  Such was our week, hence the title. 

The Bad

Phonics continues to cause problems.  As I have said, neither of us likes it.  I’ve been determined to finish the book up because I’m a start what you finish kind of person.  But I had the thought today that maybe we should just pitch it.  We’re starting over next year anyway.  We’ll see. 

In grammar, we worked on contractions, and for whatever reason, Thomas just couldn’t get the concept down.  When asked which contraction should be used in a given sentence, he did great, but he couldn’t match up the contractions with the words they were replacing.  He’s never really gotten stuck on something and he really had to work through his frustration (a good lesson to learn, so technically, this could also go in The Good section).

In Math, we started going over -8 facts.  Again, a struggle.  Although we’ve only worked on it a couple of days, so hopefully, next week we’ll get it down.

In addition to our academic struggles, we dealt with sleep deprived children (rising from a terrible church time and a late night at Chase Field) and a PMSing mom – really bad combination which leads us to the ugly.

The Ugly

“Mom, you’re a turd.”  Muffa

Yup, say it like fifty times and that pretty much sums up our ugly.  Not even sure where he learned that word. 

The Good

Ah, the good.  There were a few highlights.  Muffa has been much more interested in reading as of late, even wanting to “read” by himself the books he has memorized.  He also pulled out the letter cards on his own to go over them. 

Thomas mastered his -9 facts.  He is starting to work more independently which is totally awesome for me.  He’s really enjoying studying Roman history.  In fact, this week he adopted two pretend wolf pups (it’s a long story, currently we have several sharks and I don’t know how many big cats that live in our house) and named them Romulus and Remus.  That’s pretty clever. 

The biggest good is that even though it was less than an ideal week, we made it through and we get to do it all again next week.


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