pretend like it’s friday afternoon and not monday morning

We had one of those weekends around here when you feel like you’re always one step behind what needs to be done.  So here I am Monday morning rather than Friday afternoon writing a review of last week and that’s okay.

It was actually a good week, although Thomas is definitely getting ansty pantsy.  We’re in the 70s and 80s until about 11:30 and it’s just so hard not to run outside and play baseball.  Whereas in the past we could sit down and plug away at school and be done in a couple of hours, now we are taking about three hours to get everything finished up due to more frequent and longer breaks.  Allowing the boys to actually be boys is definitely one of the benefits of homeschooling.

In science, we finished up learning about the five senses.  Along with our reading, we labeled parts of the eye and ear (well, we will finish that up today) and performed a few experiments.  I have to admit that twirling around and getting super dizzy is not as much fun at 40 as it was at 4, but the boys had fun.  We plugged along through phonics (yes, we’re going to stick it out) and math -8.  We learned about Buddha in history and some of the miracles of Jesus in our gospel study.


By far, the highlight of our school week was when Thomas finished up his grammar test and aced the section on contractions.  He was so very proud of himself as well he should be.  And that was our ordinarily wonderful week.


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