cheese louise

We eat a lot of cheese in this house, I mean a lot.  Here’s what I buy when I go to Costco.  Yes, that’s 10 pounds of cheese.


Oh, not included in the picture in the block of colby jack that I get to use for sandwiches.  The cheddar and monterey jack in the picture I use for shredding.  I used to buy the small packages of shredded cheese just at the grocery store, but that was pretty expensive, so I got a huge bag of shredded cheese from Costco and separated it into smaller portions and threw them in the freezer.  When it came out of the freezer, I had a block of shredded cheese that had to be broken up before I could use it.  Boo.  It was back to the smaller bags of shredded cheese from the grocery store. 

One day, I looked at the ingredients on those small bags.  Along with the cheese were a bunch of “anti-caking” chemicals.  Oh heck.  I didn’t want my family eating those.  I was left with one option.  Shredding cheese every time I needed it.  That wasn’t that much fun either.  Then I came across two tips that have made life so much easier cheese-wise around here. 

1.  Sprinkle a little flour on your shredded cheese prior to freezing it.

2.  Allow the cheese to thaw at room temperature.

Simple, that’s it.  Now I buy those big blocks of cheese, shred them up using my kitchen-aide shredder attachment.


Sprinkle a little flour on them (you can use whole wheat flour, but be warned, your cheese will look brown when it melts), and throw them in freezer bags. 


Thaw a bag out on the counter when needed and I have perfectly shredded cheese without any nasty chemicals.  Hurray.


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