another week down

I’m not sure what happened to Thomas this week, but he was on his game — even phonics went smoothly.  In fact, I sneaked (yup that’s the official past tense of sneak, I looked it up) a few extra pages in so we could wrap it up early this year.  Of course, when I asked Thomas what was the best part of his week, he said science.  Our human body encyclopedia is very well loved.  I hope it survives long enough that Muffa can use it in a couple of years. 


For Muf, the highlight was using his new magnetic letters to match up big and little letters.  The first night we got them, he asked if he could take them to bed. 


He also worked on recreating patterns with his build a flower set.  I mark it down as a success if I can get him to actually work on things for about a half an hour.  Mind you, that’s definitely not all at once.  Like most three year olds, he has the attention span of a kidney bean and that’s okay.

For me, the highlight was going to the Arizona Science Center.  We bought an annual membership through Living Social.  It was a super sweet deal.  While it wasn’t the museum I thought it was (I’m an idiot), I loved it.  We spent a couple of hours there on Thursday afternoon and only made it about halfway through the exhibit on the human body.  In fact, I was so captivated with everything that was going on, I forgot to take pictures.  Woops. 

Most favorite — the wheelchair race simulator.  Thomas could have done that all day.

Least favorite — it’s a toss up between the three foot nose and the ginormous model of the digestive system.  For Thomas, it was the nose.  We tossed foam balls up into the nostril representing germs and dust particles.  It seemed like a fun game until the giant nose sneezed them back at us.  I was totally not expecting it and screamed.  I thought it was funny, Thomas, not so much.  For Muf, it was the digestive system.  They were walking around inside and going toward the slide that represented waste coming out of the anus when a huge toot (we don’t say fart at our house, well, not without getting a look from mom) sound echoed throughout exhibit.  Muf came running out crying and wouldn’t let go of my legs for a couple of minutes.  Funny, potty humor is usually a big hit at our house. 

So that was our week.  I can’t wait to see what next week will bring.


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