some thoughts on self reliance

I’m feeling a little philosophical today.  Our life is nothing like it was five years ago, even two years ago.  I’m sure there is at least one person out their scratching their head and saying, “weirdoes.”  There are a slew of reasons I could give for every little change we have made — homeschooling, homesteading, but really, it all boils down to one principle — self reliance.  Greg came across this video a while back.  The message it presents is timeless.

When we first embarked on our journey toward self reliance, I thought it was just about being prepared for end of the world type stuff.  It’s really not though.  It’s about protecting the greatest gift God has given us next to life itself, the ability to direct that life.  As we become more self reliant, we are better able to love and serve God.  The more we allow others to direct our lives, the less able we are to love and serve God.

Self reliance truly is a journey, and it’s been a wonderful journey thus far.  Thanks for sharing it with us. 


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