our week in review

We just wrapped up a big week here at the Blissful Homestead — for the kids anyway.  Greg and I are boring.

Tanner rode off into the sunset on Friday to start a new adventure up in Utah.  He’ll be spending the summer in Draper selling pest control (if he knocks on your door, give him a hug for us).  Then he’ll head up to Logan in the fall to attend Utah State.  Go Aggies.  Funny, when he left for his mission we all cried like babies even though we knew it was temporary — two years temporary, but temporary just the same.  This time it’s more permanent.  The game plan is for him to go to school, get married, and start a family of his own.  And yet, no hugs, no tears, just a quick “see ya.”  Maybe it just doesn’t seem real yet.  I keep expecting the door to open any minute for his quick after school visit.  Anyway, Tanner’s outy.

Taryn had a pretty awesome week I must say.  She was elected Student Body Vice President.  Neat huh?  Just a few days later, her softball team took second place in the state championships.  They played hard and should be really proud of themselves.

ImageHayden cleared some land for us out in the North 40 — well, okay it was the front yard.  He and his friend, Colton, took out an ash tree with a little help from Tanner and Greg.



More to come on this project.  Soon the entire front yard will be covered in cow poop.  Our neighbors are going to LOVE us.

Hailey had her final flute concert of the season.  You’ll have to trust me that she did a great job.  Loser mom that I am, forgot my camera.

Thomas continues to do well in school.  We (okay really me) just want to get done so we are doubling up on a few subjects each day.  No complaints from him though.  One quick Thomas story — yesterday after the sacrament prayer was offered, he turned to me and asked — “Mommy, was that Jesus talking?”  The lady sitting next to him, patted him on the knee and said, “you just made my week.”  Wouldn’t it be great if we all pictured the Savior giving the sacramental prayers each Sunday.

Muffa was just Muffa and boy do we love him.  He is our sweet boy.  His awesome, awesome Primary teacher asked him to bring a picture of him and I to class this week so we took a couple of quickies.  This one is now displayed on my fridge complete with a popsicle stick frame.

ImageThis one I just love.  It’s a great Mothers’ Day shot.

ImageTruly it is a day for mothers to reflect on the amazing gift of motherhood that was brought to them by their children.  To Tanner, Taryn, Hayden, Hailey, Thomas and Muf — I love you all.  Thanks for loving me despite my many, many shortcomings.  I hope I don’t mess you up too badly.



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