our week in review — 20 may 2013

What a week.  School is coming to a close and we had recitals, concerts, and projects aplenty.  Taryn started finals and had her spring choir concert and ballroom dance recital on Saturday.  Greg couldn’t stop talking about the choir concert.  He said it was simply wonderful.  Taryn had her first ever solo and performed like a star.  Thomas had his singing group performance at the same time, so unfortunately, I missed it.

ImageI was able to catch her ballroom dance recital.  It was a ton of fun.  I have to admit, I am just a tad jealous.  We didn’t have anything like that where I went school.  Best part of the evening — she won the nightclub portion of the Jack and Jills.  Jack and Jills are when you get paired up with a random partner and have to dance a particular style.  For example, the leader calls out Tango, the music starts playing and you and your partner have to start dancing the tango — no choreography, no hearing the music in advance — just go.  There are about 12 couples or so on the dance floor and judges walk around scoring everyone.  Go Taryn — great job.

Hayden spent most of his week studying for finals and finishing up school projects.  His biggest project was for geometry.  He had to come up with a real life question that could be answered using geometry.  He went for how long would it take for our rabbit run to be completely filled with bunnies if two females had eight bunnies every eight weeks.  Man, I’m glad I done with geometry. 


Hailey’s big event was presenting her famous personal project to her classmates and their parents.  She was given Charles Schulz and did a wonderful job.  She created a poster as well as a clay model and then presented what she had learned dressed up as the man himself.  Good job Hailey.


Thomas and Hunter had a very big week.  School is wrapping up for us and we doubled up again on a few things to finish as quickly as possible.  I really need to do better planning next year.  Anyway, although we were busy with school, we still found time for play.  Life doesn’t get much better than playing in the irrigation in your panties.

ImageImageThe boys (with the exception of Hayden who was home studying) also had a wonderful time camping  Friday night at the fathers and sons campout.  They went fishing, slept under the stars and ate and ate and ate.  They were even able to eat the fish that Thomas caught. 

ImageImageImageThomas got home just in time to get ready for his musical group performance.  Bless his heart, when we got there I learned that he was the only boy in his class of like 40 girls.  Thankfully, his teacher LOVES him and he loves her.  She is affectionately known in our house as Princess Prince.  Sorry about the shakiness — Muffa was crawling all over me.  Hopefully, you won’t get too seasick.

We had a lot going on around the homestead as well.  The goats got taken to a breeder to be “freshened.”  If all goes well, we should have 4 to 6 little goats by October. 

In the garden, our first sunflower popped open and our pumpkins started to turn orange.

ImageImageTrying to keep the baby bunnies is their run was top of the project list.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be chicken wire enough to keep one little Houdini in his home. 

ImageThe North 40 project continues.  Greg was able to till up about a quarter of the front yard on Saturday.  Hopefully, phase one will be completed this week. 

ImageAnd that’s it.  Phew.  I get tired just reading over what we did.


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