our week — 3 june 2013

The first week of summer has flown by.  We kind of took a break from everything that was absolutely necessary and enjoyed a slightly more relaxed schedule.  I have to admit it was rather nice.  We spent a lot of time at the city pool as the temperatures have been steadily climbing.  Today it’s going to be 102 — funny how that seems not so hot.  Although it’s nice and warm, the pool water is still COLD.  I hold my breath every time I get in, and I’ve yet to go completely under the water.  Maybe this will be the week.

While not at the city pool, the boys have enjoyed our little blow up pool in the backyard and our make shift water slide.  It provides hours of enjoyment.ImageOn the homestead front, our squash is growing like crazy.  I’m super excited for the spaghetti squash.  I just found a new pasta sauce recipe that was just made for spaghetti squash.  Mmm — my mouth is watering just thinking of it.

ImageWe still have more zucchini than we know what to do with.  In fact, on Sunday, Greg and Thomas loaded up and jumped on their bikes stopping at houses all over the neighborhood sharing our bounty.  I was excited when they returned with big beautiful sweet onions and no zucchini.  We’ll probably have to make another run this weekend.

ImageOur sunflowers are HUGE.  A few of them have gone past the roof line.  Some of the heads are so heavy with seeds that they are tipping over.  I sure hope we’ll be able to harvest them.

ImageBecause of the heat, we’re slowing down our rabbit production.  We’re down to 7 teenagers and only Joy is expecting.  She’s due in the next couple of weeks then both she and Eve will have the summer off.  It will be weird only having three rabbits hopping around.  We’re taking advantage of the extra space though.  We’ve found that the rabbit run also makes an excellent baby chick run.  Big chickens and little chickens together is not a good idea.  So for now, the rabbits and chicks are neighbors.

ImageThat’s about it.  Hope all is well wherever you are.


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