a plan for the little man


I feel like I am a sensible, frugal person for the most part.  I combine trips when I have to go out, I’m not an avid coupon clipper, but I do like a good deal and rarely impulse buy, and I get dressed in the morning and wear those clothes all day long.  At the day’s end, if my clothes aren’t dirty or stinky, I hang them up to wear them again (within limits of course).  Muf however, not so much.

You see, Muf is a busy guy and doesn’t have time for sensibilities.  He’s on a pretend basketball team, a pretend hockey team, a pretend baseball team, and a pretend football team.  Each of these teams have games almost every day, and each team requires a different uniform and a different pair of shoes.  We’ve talked about a million times about how we don’t need to change clothes every five minutes, but to no avail.  Something had to be done.

Muf is fiercely independent.  He likes being in charge — especially in charge of himself.  So I knew whatever we did, he had to feel like he was gaining control instead of loosing it.  I’m happy to say that I think we came up with something that works for everyone.  I hung up seven different outfits on hangers.  Muffa was then given tags for each day of the week.  He was able to pick which outfit he would wear each day.  He thought that was awesome.  We hung up his clothes, chatted a bit, and shut the closet door.  We also shut the door on our wearing a bazillion outfits a day problem.  Brilliant.



2 thoughts on “a plan for the little man

  1. That sounds like the perfect solution. We never really went through that problem with my brothers. In fact, people often asked my parents if the boys owned any clothes aside from the ones they had on at that moment. Of course they had clothes…camo pants, camo shirts, camo shoes, camo hats, and stained black socks that actually blended right in with the rest of the outfit!! They dressed like this for about 5 years. They wanted to be in the woods, hunting for treasures, making little obstacle courses, digging around in the creek, and dragging buckets of precious stones up to the house. So, our problem was introducing “civilized clothing” to them. They hemmed and hawed about it for several months before agreeing to wear jeans and button-up t-shirts. Now, my brothers work in camo pants and t-shirts, but when they go into town with Dad in the evenings, they want to dress up in Khaki pants, golfing shirts, and nice hats. So, it all worked out in the end.

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