our week 10 june 2013

Our weeks are getting pretty boring without school.  Thomas is still working on a few things, but we’re much more laid back than we have been.  As for me, I’ve been puttering around working on a few projects that I’ve been putting off all school year.  It’s nice to see some of them getting checked off the list.

Greg’s been the busy one this week.  With temperatures getting into the 110s (yes, that is very hot), we’ve been concerned about the rabbits.  We knew we had to do something and once again, Greg came up with the perfect solution.  He never ceases to amaze me.  He tapped into the waterline that he had put in for the garden last year and installed a misting system for the rabbits. 

ImageYou can’t really see it in the picture, but just know that the rabbits being out and about during the day is a big deal.  Last week they totally stuck to their basements trying to beat the heat.  This week they are jumping around happy as clams.

Our other exciting news from the homestead front is that we managed to grow a watermelon.  I’ve been walking through the garden every day in hopes of finding one and on Thursday, this appeared.

ImageHurray, maybe we’ll be enjoying this baby on the Fourth of July.  Here’s hoping.


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