our week — 17 june 2013

I’m kind of liking this slower summer pace.  We still have things going on, but the feel of urgency just isn’t there.  Taryn and Hayden are both working and Hailey is being kept busy with daily softball practice (she made the Little League All Star team — GO HAILEY), babysitting here and there and a project she’s working on over the summer.  Thomas does a little math here and there, but I’m not pressing him, and together with Muffa, is studying all about dinosaurs. 

On the homestead front, not much really going on either.  It was kind of an odd little week for us.  We didn’t really work on any huge projects just wrapped a couple up.  Almost a year ago, I got a picture of the Mesa temple for our family room with the intent of putting one of my favorite quotes (from the Bible Dictionary of all places) on the wall.  Well I finally finished it up.  I’m pretty pleased except for the fact that as I was adding the link, I realized I got my quote wrong.  Oh boo.  Anyway, I still like it, the OCD side of me will just have to get over it. 

ImageNow I really want to paint our 3 year “temporary” entertainment center.  Don’t tell Greg.  Oh wait, he reads this, dang.  This post is not going well.

Moving on, I made butter by accident and pickles on purpose.  Both are incredibly yummy.  Here’s the link for the pickles.  I added a little red pepper because I had some left over from the pizza plus I thought it added a little color.  They’re pickles, I know, but food can be pretty as well.


Greg did one last tilling of the front yard in preparation for our alfalfa.  Here’s the view from our front porch. 


How’s that for curb appeal?  Nothing says welcome like a yard full of cow poop.

A couple of firsts that I should include.  Thomas killed his first rabbit.  Sorry if that grosses anyone out.  He’s very proud of himself and is definitely one of our best farm hands. 

He also wrote his first talk with just a tiny bit of help from Mom.  Unfortunately, he was sick and didn’t make it to church.  Muffa kindly agreed to deliver it.  A first for Muffa as well.  Of course, there’s no recording at church so you’ll have to trust me that he was very cute. 

I love that the gospel of Jesus Christ is so simple, that we can be taught by a five year old.

Before Jesus died he had one last supper with His Apostles.  He gave them bread and wine and told them to think of Him.  He told them to love one another and listen to the Holy Ghost.  Then they sang a song.

ImageEach week I come to church and take the sacrament.  I sing a song.  The priests bless bread and water just like Jesus.  I eat the bread and drink the water just like the Apostles.  I try to be reverent and think of Jesus just like He asked me to. 

ImageWhen I am eight, I will be baptized.  I will promise to love others and listen to the Holy Ghost.  The sacrament will help me remember my promise.

ImageGood job Thomas. 


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