a couple of weeks in review

I am happy to report that the plague is almost over at our house.  I think just about everyone got a little bit of the bug that we had going around.  I was completely out for a week — ear infection, sinus infection, nasty, nasty stuff.  I’m still not back to normal, but I’m feeling well enough that I can almost fake it, and I’ll take that.

Little League season finally wrapped up for us.  Hailey’s all-star team played a week long tournament for the division championship.  Let’s just say it was a learning experience for the girls.  The games were full of ups and downs, and in the end, I’m pretty sure everyone was glad they were able to participate.  Hailey’s last game was by far her best.  She was able to play catcher, her favorite position, and did a great job.  She’s looking forward to working hard and following in Taryn’s footsteps and playing catcher for Heritage in a few years.Image


Life on the homestead is going well.  We added seven little rabbits about 10 days ago.


Here they are this morning — they grow so fast.  Their eyes are open and they are moving all over the place.  I’m sure it won’t be long until they are hopping around outside of their little basement.


The girls came home on Tuesday.  I actually kind of missed them, then again, I don’t milk them.  Greg does that, and I know it was a welcome break.  Hopefully, they will both kid early October and we’ll have four little does running around. 



Our garden has really slowed down.  We should be able to pick our spaghetti and butternut squash this week, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that our lone tendersweet watermelon will be ready just in time for the Fourth of July.


Oh, and we harvested our carrots.  We probably have enough for one meal.  Oh well, we’ll enjoy that one meal.


Silly me, I thought we’d have sunflowers blooming through the summer.  That’s not how they work.  The full bloom only lasts for about five days, and then you wait and wait and wait to be able to harvest the seeds.  All the while, the plants look pretty darn haggard. 


The best news from the garden is that our sweet potatoes are growing like gangbusters.  We are all so dang excited.  Even a few potatoes will make planting them at 10:00 at night all worth it.  Man, I was not happy about that.  Funny, how we get so bent out of shape about things at the time and then look back only to see how ridiculous we were.  Anyway, here are the potatoes.  Aren’t they pretty?


By far, our biggest challenge over the last couple of weeks has been dealing with the heat.  Did you catch the news that we hit 119 on Saturday.  To quote Greg, “that is snippy dog hot.”  We’re doing some extra watering on the garden and trees to try and beat the heat as much as possible.  The animals all seem to be doing well.  The chickens spend all day under the shed and the goats find shade here and there.  Thankfully, since they’re an African breed, they generally do well in the heat.  The rabbits have their mister, and we place frozen water bottles in the basement as well. 

Last but not least, Muffa has developed a penchant for headbands.  He’s the prettiest little boy girl I’ve ever seen.


I did have to draw the line today when he wanted to wear it to Costco.  We made a deal that he could wear it in the car, but had to take it off before we went into the store.  Maybe I should cut back on the Elton John music. 



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