the fourth of july, kids, and education

After hopping down from my soapbox yesterday, I started wondering what my kids would say if they were asked asked why do we celebrate the Fourth of July.  I have to admit I was a little nervous.  Muf got a pass on this one.  He can recognize the American flag, and I’m good with that for now.  Hailey knew it was to celebrate our independence from England.  Although she was off just a bit on the year, I was impressed.  Thomas was clueless until I told him we used to belong to England and then he said “oh yeah — no more kings.”   I had no idea what he was talking about until he started to sing.  Oh how I love School House Rock.

And, I really like youtube.  It’s been a great resource for homeschooling.  Thomas knows all fifty states thanks to this little ditty.

We’re working on the capitals as well.  I think I may like this one even more than Thomas.

Since we’re on the fifty states, I was so excited to find this awesome state bingo game the other day at Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.  I love this.  I’ve got it all printed out.  All I need to do is cut it out and laminate.  It will be a great addition to our Fourth celebration.  It’s based on one of our favorite books and games — The Scrambled States of America.

So, pulling it all together — there are plenty of opportunities for us to teach our children regardless of whether we homeschool or not.  Fourth of July or an just an ordinary day, it doesn’t matter.  Life is one giant educational opportunity.  The key is getting our kids engaged — whatever it take — games, music, hands on stuff.  Have fun and enjoy the journey together.


2 thoughts on “the fourth of july, kids, and education

  1. Agreed. Totally talked to Charlie about it today and had a fun chat. It led to talking about Joseph smiths first vision… And I realized you can’t leave god out of the story, he was key and he had a plan.

    • oh good for you. kids are like little sponges. everything is exciting to them. it’s good to take advantage of it while you can. all too soon, mom and dad are way too boring to listen to.

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