our week — 15 july 2013

This summer is flying by.  I can’t believe we are less than a month away from school starting.   So many plans made, so little accomplished, or so it seems at times.  Oh well.

Life on the homestead continues to revolve around handling the heat.  The garden looks pretty ragged.  We have a few pumpkins and butternut squashes left to ripen and about half of our sunflowers are not quite brown enough to pull yet.  It’s kind of fun walking our your door and snacking on a sunflower seed or two that you plucked out of your very own flower.

Greg, Thomas and Muf got a head start on our fall garden this week by planting some jack-o-lantern pumpkins seeds.  The goal is to have them ready to go just in time for Halloween allowing the kids to have a little pumpkin stand.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Anyway, check these babies out, they were planted four days ago.  Holy cow.

ImageThe animals are doing well.  We’ve been exploring some alternate food sources for everyone and even gave the baby chicks and goats some free range time.  The chicks had a blast, but it came to an end after just a few short days when they discovered the sweet potatoes. Boo.  The goats are loving chomping on the bermuda grass in the backyard.  Muf however isn’t so happy,  Nightingale ate the one and only orange on his orange tree.


He got over it though and is back running around with the goats in his new chicken shoes (all the kids have a pair of shoes that are dedicated for use in the animal run — goats and chickens poop A LOT).  They were a great $1.50 Goodwill find.

ImageSpeaking of Goodwill, Thomas also got this first bike.  I love half off day at Goodwill.  We only paid $7.50 for it, and it’s actually a decent bike.  Now, if he can just learn to ride it (with shoes on of course — he wasn’t actually riding here).

ImageOne last little tidbit on this week because it’s so cute.  We read scriptures together every night as a family.  Aren’t Greg’s dollar store reading glasses cool?

ImageMuffa thinks they are.  So much so that he keeps his sunglasses with his scriptures so he can be just like dad and wear them when he “reads.”  ImageLast night, Muf insisted that his baby bunny have her own scriptures so that she could read as well.  Greg would read a couple of words, then Muffa would repeat them, followed by baby bunny repeating the same words with Muffa acting as voice.

ImageI think it took us five minutes to get through that single verse, but hey, Muffa sat still and actually read with us.  Can’t complain about that.


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