our week — 29 july 2013

It’s nice to be back — I had a little staycation from the blog last week.  It wasn’t really planned, life just got in the way including a trip to the ER with Hayden (he picked up Giardia on his scout trip.  I’m happy to report he’s totally fine now).  It didn’t help that it’s been so hot and muggy around here that it’s been hard to get excited about doing anything.  That being said, there have been a few things going on that are worthy of note.

Remember those little tiny watermelons I was so excited about last week?  Well check them out less than a week later — can you believe it.  My mouth waters every time I walk past them.

ImageWe pulled out everything from the garden that is no longer producing and planted some corn.  We used a few seeds we had left over from last year, but the majority of the seeds were harvested from last year’s crop.  Planting our own seeds is big for us — now if we can just get them to grow.  The garden’s looking pretty bare.

ImageWe harvested a bunch of butternut squash and the last of our sunflowers.  I haven’t gotten the seeds out yet, they’re still sitting on our patio table.

ImageI may just leave them there.  It’s nice to have a little snack waiting for us when we go out in the evenings for a sit.  Okay, that’s probably the lazy in me talking.  I really should get them taken care of.

As far as the animals go, the big event this week was moving the baby chicks (not so baby anymore) into the main chicken run.  We’re on day three and so far, they’re all still alive.  That’s big — in case you didn’t know, chickens are mean.  There’s a reason hen-pecked and pecking order have a negative connotation.  Anyway, the babies spend most of their time hanging out under the shed, but every now and then they wander out for a spell when the big chickens aren’t looking.




That’s about it from around here.  I’m going to grill our fresh butternut squash tonight for dinner.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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