spring cleaning in july — part 1

School starts next week for us.  It feels way too early for school to start.  When I was in school we didn’t start until after Labor Day.  Then again, we didn’t get out until June was more than half over.  I’ve always loved the start of school because it is a chance to begin anew.  With Muf starting real school this year (as opposed to just hanging out with Thomas and I and listening when he feels like it) I’ve determined that I’ll need to have my act together if we are going to enjoy this school year together.  One of the things I really wanted to do was to have our home in complete order before the start of school.  Keeping things in order is sooo much easier when there is some semblance of order in the first place. 

About a month ago, I warned the kids that we were going to spend a whole week cleaning.  Then about a week ago, I reminded them and asked for their input on how they would like it to work.  They decided it would be best if we did a little each day rather than tackle everything all at once.  They also decided they would prefer that we all worked together rather than dividing up rooms between us.  My job was to put together a list of everything that needed to be done. 

I am happy to report that things went swimmingly today as we spiffied up our front room and main hallway. 

This was our list —

Dust the ceilings, walls, corners, windows, and baseboads.

Dust the blinds (woops — missed that one, we’ll have to get it tomorrow).

Dust and clean the ceiling fan.

Wash baseboards, door casings, window sills, and walls.

Wash windows and doors — inside and out.

Dust and clean mirror and all decorative items

Empty bookshelves and dust off books.  (Dust is a HUGE issue in Arizona).

Dust and polish furniture.

Move all furniture and dust, vacuum, and mop floors.

Vacuum out furniture.

Wash and iron slip covers (washable covers are a must when you combine six kids with white couches — call me crazy but I love white.)

Tah-dah — just don’t look to closely at the furniture, the covers are currently drying, but they’ll be back on before the week is over.

ImageI have to say, our home is usually pretty tidy, but it’s nice to have it really clean.  There’s just something so satisfying about a job well done.  The kids were awesome.  I think the promise of ice cream when we were all done kept us going when the fun started to wear off — just a little tip.

Tomorrow is our great room (our family room, dining room and kitchen are all grouped together).  Thanks to all the help I got this morning, I’m actually looking forward to it.


4 thoughts on “spring cleaning in july — part 1

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