spring cleaning in august part 2

Cleaning is so fun that I think it deserves it’s own week, unless of course I get bored writing about it or something else really cool comes up either which is entirely possible.  So last week, I wrote about our awesome experience cleaning our front room and hallway.  Day 2 found us moving onto our great room — our family room, dining room, kitchen area.  I knew trying to do everything in one day would be too much, so I separated out the kitchen.  Well, it turns out it was still way too much.  Day 2 turned into Day 2 and 3 — family room on Day 2 and dining room on Day 3.  The kids were once again helpful, but it became painfully obvious by the end of Day 2 that we needed a break — a break from cleaning and a break from each other (probably more on my part than theirs).  So I tackled Day 3 on my own with a bit of help from Hailey.  Thanks, Hailey.

Here was our list for both days —

Dust the ceilings, walls, corners, windows, and baseboads.

Dust the blinds.

Dust and clean the ceiling fans.

Wash baseboards, door casings, window sills, and walls.

Wash windows and doors — inside and out (I still need to finish the french doors, dang).

Dust and clean pictures and all decorative items

Empty bookshelves and dust off books. 

Clean and organize desk (this is a never ending battle, it was done, but needs help daily).

Empty out all baskets and discard games and puzzles with missing pieces (unfortunately, we have an uncanny knack of keeping all games and puzzle pieces so I was unable to toss any, shoot).

Organize our DVD collection (I realize this is a little anal, but they are now divided into watch anytime and watch only with mom and dad sections — not that we have anything bad, but Revenge of the Sith is slightly intense for little ones if you know what I mean, and now there won’t be any confusion if we’re not around).

Scrub down dining table, chairs, and bar stools.

Dust and polish furniture.

Move all furniture and dust, vacuum, and mop floors.

Beat area rug (this was a last minute addition after we tried and failed to get rid of all the dust.  There is a reason why people have been beating their rugs for thousands of years.  It totally works, and I highly recommend it).

Vacuum out furniture.

Wash cushion covers and brush down couch (it’s microfiber).

After two days, here’s what it looked like. 



Two things I noticed right away — 1. I really need to do something about that huge blank wall in the dining room and 2. I need to learn how to take better pictures — but those are matters for another day.  I have to say, Days 2 and 3 were not nearly as much fun (and that’s being super generous, in reality, by the end, I was getting pretty darn grouchy despite my best efforts to remain positive), although my level of satisfaction remained high. 


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