spring cleaning in august — part 3

Hasn’t this been fun?  We’ve done our front room and our dining room and family room.  Today we’re reviewing our work in the kitchen and bathrooms.  It was also supposed to be laundry room cleaning day, but I petered out.  You see, our laundry room has turned into our pantry, storage, root cellar, laundry room.  I called it good when I was able to walk to the washing machine without having to move anything out of the way.  I have a way to go on that one.  Another day perhaps or perhaps not. 

So the kitchen and bathrooms.  We divided up these projects because let’s be honest — all seven of us can’t fit in the bathroom at once.  We could all fit in the kitchen, but you know, that would be silly.  Taryn and Hailey took on the kitchen with a little help from me at the end.  Here was what they had to do bless their hearts — it was a biggie.

Move out the appliances and sweep and mop.

Vacuum fridge coils.

Wipe down and polish the appliances.

Clean the microwave inside and out.

Wipe down walls, baseboards, and cabinets. 

Wipe down counters and polish granite.

Sweep and mop.

They did a fantastic job.  I almost cried, well not quite, but seriously, it looked so good.

ImageHayden, lucky duck, was able to clean the kids bathroom.  Hayden really is one of my best bathroom cleaners — okay, they’re all my best.  Here was his list.

Scrub down tub and tile including the tile surrounding the window.

Wash and dry shower curtain and liner.

Wash and dry all bathroom linens.

Wipe down the walls and baseboards.

Wipe down the light fixtures.

Wipe down the sink and vanity.

Clean the toilet (including removing the seat — toilets are nasty).

Restock the bathroom supplies — we buy toilet paper in bulk and keep it under the sink, restocking is no small task).

Scrub the floor along the baseboards by hand (dirt really likes to collect there).

Clean the mirror and shelf.

Sweep and mop the floor.

In addition, Hayden also helped Greg with some plumbing.  The sink in the kids bathroom is constantly clogging.  Boo.  In addition, Greg and Hayden filled in a whole under the sink that had a huge welcome sign on it for some not so nice little visitors (it’s Arizona, and it’s hot, and that means that everyone and everything is looking to get out of the heat –even cockroaches — I know, nasty, and they are HUGE.  I’m happy to report, the problem seems to be under control). 

I had the same list for the master bathroom with a few minor tweeks. 

The bathrooms are the only rooms that didn’t get a complete makeover when we redid the house a few years ago.  We meant to, but priorities shifted and instead of having nice, modern bathrooms, we have food, goats, rabbits, chickens, and guns.  My point is that even a not so nice bathroom is tons better when it’s clean.  Here is my little bitty bathroom — my refuge.  The only place I can go in the house and be left completely alone, most of the time. 

ImageThat’s it — Day 4.  For those of you totally sick of this series, almost done.  I promise.


3 thoughts on “spring cleaning in august — part 3

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    • oh thanks — we knew we were only going to do this once and so we wanted something classic. it is a nice place to be and i love that i can see what’s going on in the dining room, kitchen, and family room all at the same time.

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