spring cleaning in august — part 4

We’re at the end.  It’s kind of funny, I’m almost as sick of blogging about cleaning as much as I was sick of actually cleaning last week.  If you just love reading about cleaning, you can read parts 1-3 here, here, and here.  Today I want to share our bedroom list and some parting thoughts.

The original idea for the bedrooms was that everyone would work on their own bedroom sometime during spring cleaning week.  Well, given how long it took to go through the rest of the house, I bagged that idea.  I proposed that sometime during the month of August, everyone had to deep clean their room.  As an incentive, the first two people to have their rooms cleaned would be awarded a new pillow.  (In actuality, I planned on purchasing everyone a new pillow regardless, but you know — a mom has to have a trick or two up her sleeve.)   On the flip side, anyone whose room was not cleaned according to the approved list by September 1, was on house arrest until it was done.  Everyone readily agreed.  (They were so sick of cleaning that the house arrest part didn’t phase anyone including social butterfly Hayden.) 

Here’s the approved list —

Clean out and organize drawers.

Clean out and organize closet.

Dust ceiling, walls, corners, windows, and baseboards.

Dust blinds.

Dust ceiling fan.

Wash baseboards, door casings, window sills, doors, and walls.

Wash windows (inside and out).

Dust all decorative items.

Dust and polish furniture.

Move furniture (dust, vacuum, and mop).

Wash bedding.

Flip mattress.

As of today, Hailey is the only one that has gotten her room done.  Good job Hailey (I knew she would be hooked with the pillow).  Here’s a very boring picture of her work in progress room.

ImageNow for my parting thoughts —

First, I don’t think I’ll do spring cleaning this way ever again (unless I move into a new house).  Instead, I think I would break it up over a month or so. 

Second,  this project wouldn’t have been so big if I had been more on top of things.  Our house is usually pretty tidy and company ready, but I haven’t been that great about really getting down and dirty — like washing the walls.  So far, so good with the upkeep (I know, it’s been a week).  I’m currently working on weekly cleaning schedule so that maybe I’ll never, ever have to spring clean again.  I’ll let you know if it works. 

Finally, (hold on, this is a bit philosophical) perhaps if you’re like me, you have a tendency to get so wrapped up in the details of cleaning that you forget the why.  Why do I clean?  I’ll tell you.

1.  To invite the Spirit of the Lord — God’s house is a house of order — that pretty much sums it up.

2.  So that all who enter our home will feel a sense of peace.  I want people to want to be in our home including my own family.

Here’s the deal though, if I get all grouchy about cleaning, that grouchiness is going to drive the Spirit away, not to mention that no one wants to be around a grouch.  Herein lies my problem.  I’ll be honest, sometimes I get grouchy.  So in addition to being more on top of things, I need to do a little attitude adjustment.  Perhaps I need to sing a happy working song.

Dang, maybe we shouldn’t have gotten rid of those nasty cockroaches — I could have put them to work.


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