when mother nature says slow down

I had such big plans as 2014 started.  Oh, my list of projects was long.  Rather than being overwhelmed, I was excited to get started.  About halfway through the month, I started getting a little cold — you know the one — a few sniffles here and there, a scratchy throat, a cough or two.  Then I started getting tired.  Like super tired, I don’t want to do anything tired.  If I was a napper, I would have napped a lot.  Unfortunately, naps and I don’t mix even when I’m sick.  If I nap during the day, I can completely forget about sleeping at night.  Normally, I would fight the urge to do nothing, but this time, I embraced it.  I have to admit it was nice.

I kicked all my projects to the curb.  In fact, I kicked everything that wasn’t essential to the curb.  I tidied the house, did school and hung out with the boys, made dinner (sorta), and sat on my duff.   It’s actually quite amazing the things you can check off you to-do list while seemingly doing nothing.

School was a ton more fun without the nagging feeling that I had other stuff that I need to do cluttering up my time with the boys.  We actually did all of the fun science activities that went along with our lessons.  Friday, we made our own volcano complete with the destruction of the dinosaurs per Thomas’ request.

volcano 002Here’s the actual eruption.

Sorry for those that got sea sick.  I really need to work on keeping steady while recording.  Anyway, it was fun.  I also need to be better about just spending time with the boys doing things that they want to do rather than only doing things with them that I think they need to do.

While on my duff, I read.  I forgot how much I enjoy reading.  Life of Pi has been on my reading list for over a decade.  I kid you not.  I finally read it.  I’m still not sure if I liked it or not; however, it has certainly stuck with me.   I even checked out the movie from the library this weekend and made Greg watch it with me hoping that I could find some sort of closure to all my thoughts.  No such luck.  If you’re a deep thinker — you’ll love it.  If you like neat and tidy endings — this book is not for you.  If you’ve read it, I’d love to know your thoughts.

I also continued my quest to find a learning to read program for Muf.  I tried the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading.  I liked it’s good solid style, but Muf lasted about five minutes.  Total no go for him.  Next, I tried doing a few things on my own.  Bad idea.  This last week, I checked out Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons from the library.  It’s not my ideal, but I think it will be a good fit for Muf.  We did our first lesson this morning.  When we got to the end, he wanted to do more.  I’m taking that as a good sign, and I ordered the book.  I’ll keep you posted.

I also picked up a copy of the FastDiet from the library.  My sister had just finished reading it and thought I might be interested.  Basically, you fast two days a week (not necessarily back to back and it’s not really a fast — women eat 500 calories and men eat 600 calories on fast days) and the other five days you eat normally.  The research presented in the book is really impressive.  You lose weight (nice) but there are a bunch of other health benefits linked to fasting including lowering your risks of cancer, diabetes, and even dementia.  I’m giving it a try — what the heck.  So I’m off to sip on some broth and sit on my duff.

Wait, I’m actually feeling better today.  Drat — even though I’m not technically sick anymore, a little downtime during the day is probably not such a bad thing.


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