down on the farm

Just thought I’d post a little glimpse of what’s going on around here.  I know much of the country is wondering if spring will ever come, here in Arizona, I’m trying to figure out what happened to winter.  Maybe it will come this weekend.  The weather guy said we were only going to have a high of 67 on Sunday.  Brrr.  Better pull out my thermals (actually, I just may). 

It’s hard to believe, but it’s time to say goodbye to our winter garden and start looking forward to spring and summer.  Greg and the boys have already planted our sunflowers.  It’s probably a little early, but we’re taking our chances.

This weekend we’ll be picking peas for sure. 

ImageOur super ugly tomato plants have some nice fruit on them.  Although, these are supposed to be a heinz tomato similar to roma tomatoes.  Uhh, call me crazy, but I’m not sure they were labeled correctly, oh well, they look good.

ImageSome of our lettuce has started to bolt, and I think I’m going to try to harvest some seeds. 

ImageSo far we have successfully harvested and planted peas, calendula, marigolds, sunflowers and corn.  Go us.

Our big news this week is that Joy had her babies.  Phew.  Last go around she only had one baby and it didn’t make it.  I’m happy to report this time she has seven very wiggly kits.

ImageOh and this is my favorite picture of the week.  Daisy on top of the chickens’ water — the lid is only about 12 inches in diameter.  I’m not quite sure how she managed it.  Boy, I love that goat.

ImageThere you have it.  Hope all is blissful wherever you are.


6 thoughts on “down on the farm

    • oh thanks, you’re so nice. we use the term “farm” very loosely. it’s amazing what you can do to meet your own needs with just a little bit of land. i wished we had learned that lesson a little earlier, but it sure is fun playing catch-up.

    • i’m so sure — i have a sister in michigan and i think the kids have been out of school more than in school for the last month. here’s hoping there’s no shadow on groundhog day.

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