down on the farm

It seemed like it was just yesterday that I was writing about our new baby bunnies then I realized it wasn’t just yesterday.  Woops.  Anyway, check out these little cuties. 

ImageSome have even started wandering about upstairs with their mom.  They’re having fun, I’m not so sure mom is too excited about it.

ImageImageImageI could have taken pictures of them all day.  But alas, there’s work to do like feed the chickens.

ImageImageOur little chicks are so BIG.  They should start laying any day.  It’s been fun having such a variety this go around.  The White Leghorns are super light making them excellent flyers.  Greg, Thomas and Hunter had fun this weekend clipping some wings.  Sorry ladies. 

The garden is super bare right now with the exception of a few lettuce and swiss chard holdouts and our beets and onions.  We’ve planted our second crops of lettuce, chard, and peas.

ImageWe had one of those learning experiences with our peas this year.  We let them go too long and they got really starchy.  Boo — thankfully the goats liked them so no waste, but I certainly would have enjoyed them on my plate. 

We also have some rouge squash growing.  Several weeks ago we gave the animals some fresh squash.  Some of the seeds made it into our worm patch and compost pile.  Tah-dah we have a bunch of squash growing. 

ImageOh, and how could I forget — sunflowers are coming up which means summer for us is just around the bend.  Our high for today is supposed to be 86.

ImageOur biggest news is that Greg and Hayden harvested our first batch of alfalfa.  We started this project almost and year ago removing all the grass from our front yard, tilling, dumping soooo many pounds of cow poop, tilling some more, waiting, tilling again, planting, watering, hoping.


Here’s the first strip down, and here’s what it looks like now.


It needs to dry out for a few days, and then we’ll gather it up and start feeding our goats beautiful non-gmo, organic alfalfa.  Life is good.

Even with all the fun we’ve been having on the farm, we’ve managed to get out and about a bit.  Here we are at our new local park.  Image




And then of course we’ve been doing school, but that’s another story for another day.  Hope all is well where you are.


One thought on “down on the farm

  1. how. did. you. find. a. time. of. day. when. that. park. was. not. crowded?
    share your secrets, lady!
    so proud of your little farm and many accomplishments! you amaze me on a forever basis! thank heaven that we are visiting teaching companions or else i fear we would not have crossed paths! hey… speaking of… when shall we go this month? 😉

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