holy cow, i mean holy goat

What an exciting day for us yesterday.  Flame Princess took us all by surprise by giving birth to three beautiful kids.  Two little bucklings, Mansa Musa and Ferdinand, and one darling little doeling, Isabella.  We decided to go with names of royalty after their mom.  It just so happens that we studied Spain and West Africa over the last couple of weeks, hence the names.

We missed the first one coming, but we were able to help her along with the other two — not that she needed much help. 

We managed to get a few fun videos.  I have to apologize in advance for the running commentary.  Sorry, that would be me. 

Here’s teeny tiny Mansa Musa.

Here’s number two coming into the world.  I’m terrible, I can’t remember if Isabella or Ferdinand came next.

Last but not least, some first steps.

We weren’t expecting them for another couple of weeks — somehow we got our dates off or she just had them early.  So they weren’t born in the most sterile environment.  Thankfully, Greg was able to quickly get their private nursery pen ready complete with plenty of comfy straw. 

Everything went really well, good thing, I’m not sure what I would have done if we had run into problems.  Mansa Musa is pretty small and had a wee bit of trouble at first.  After a quick drink of milk from a bottle, he figured the eating thing out and by this morning, he was running around with the rest of them.  Thanks Heavenly Father. 

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs with this homesteading thing.  I have to say, I’ve enjoyed the whole thing, but the ups are definitely more fun.


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