I am queen of saying — “Ooh, I totally want to do that.”  Often I get all the stuff I need.  Occasionally, I start the project.  Rarely, do I finish it.  It’s not so much that I loose interest, it’s more like it just gets replaced with something else and then forgotten.  This is my attempt to not forget another project.  It will be a virtual filing box for everything I’m doing and all those things I want to do.  Kind of like Pinterest with updates.  Here’s to a project that will never end, and that’s okay.

Around the House

101.  Put up vinyl temple quote.

102.  Plants in the front room.


201.  Update journalling for 2012-2013 school year.

202.  2013-2014 Curriculum

203.  School area


301.  New chicks.

302.  Front yard.

303.  Goat kids.


401.  Scheduling board

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