down on the farm — march 11

Time is going by so quickly.  Spring is here and everything is popping with life.  10 days ago we finally received some rain.  Not just a little sprinkle mind you, but an absolute deluge. 

ImageA few days later we had irrigation, so we were trudging through mud for about a week.  It was well worth it though.  Our garden looks smashing.  We’re so excited.

ImageOnions — they take forever, but that’s okay.  Patience.  Patience.


Swiss chard — still going strong.  The goats and rabbits love it.  As do the chickens, but chickens eat just about anything.

ImageWe pulled out all of our lettuce to make room for some new guys.  I hope they grow before it gets too hot.  I sure miss having fresh greens right outside my door.

ImageHere’s our lettuce going to seed.  This is a new one for us, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll figure it out.

ImageThis is our broccoli going to seed.  Neat.

Speaking of seeds —

ImageThese are our sunflowers.  They look awesome.  We harvested these seeds last fall.  Hurray, something to check off our list — grow, harvest, and grow sunflowers.

On to the animals —

ImageOur baby bunnies graduated to their own hutch.  Joy’s getting a little break before she gets to go on another date with Adam.

The chickens are doing great.  Most of them are laying now, unfortunately, they haven’t quite mastered laying in their boxes yet. 

ImageI have a feeling it’s not due to a lack of trying.  I’m pretty sure the big girls won’t let them use the boxes.  Bless his heart, Greg’s building them a set of their own.  Hopefully, everyone will be happy.

Last but not least, the baby goats.  Oh how we love our baby goats.  They are so much fun.  They too moved this past week.  Now they’re in with the big kids.  Everyone seems to be getting along just swimmingly.  Forget every boy needs a dog, every boy needs a goat.


Thomas actually took this little video.  I thought he did a good job.  I should make him the video editor.


That’s what we’ve been up to — hope all is blissful wherever you are.